Bolton Associates

How we work

Our offering is something of a hybrid solution – the actuarial world is relatively small and very niche; quite often a full search process is not necessary, and with our network and proactive approach, solutions can be reached quickly. However for more senior hires, such as Chief Actuary, Head of Pricing, CRO, a full research process reaps rewards. In these cases we employ full search methodology to source and research the specific markets, combined with an intricate knowledge of the market players.

Each of our clients is unique, with its own culture and values. We believe that a ‘one size fits all’ approach to your recruitment is not effective in today’s market, therefore we spend time with you to identify a successful strategy.We are able to tailor our approach to fit your needs. Working together to create a bespoke recruitment solution, we can provide a variety of products from market mapping exercises to explore new markets; one off approaches to specific individuals; to full search capability.

Our consultants are experienced professionals who truly understand the markets within which they work, working closely with our clients to identify the most effective solutions.

At Bolton Associates we combine the speed of a contingent piece of work with the thoroughness of a full blown search product. We are confident in our ability to source the right candidates for our clients, as a result our fee structure is heavily success orientated.